Layakkah Aku Untuk Terus Berada Di Atas Jalan Ini?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

In Search of True Love

3:08 AM Posted by freezer_91 2 comments

-a picture by ~love of deviantart-

To love someone is nothing,

Because we all will love something,

To be loved by someone is something,

Because not everybody can get it,

To be loved by someone you love is exciting,

Because it is the most cheerful moment,


To be loved by Allah is everything,

Because Allah always be there forever and ever,


Love someone that will 100% sure appreciate our loves towards him...

Just a simple reminder to all of us tonight.

p/s : wait for my showreel tomorrow...

-3:08 a.m.-

We never know how we will end our life...


  1. nice one.. semoga kita menjadi insan2 yg disayangi Allah..

  2. iA..dia senantiasa menyayangi kita..cuma kita shja yg blum betul2 mengorak lgkah ke arah-Nya..