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Friday, January 7, 2011

At Last, Introduction.

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Freezer Always is a student with his specialize skills and creative mind from University Technology of Petronas. This blog is about my life and my work style, so do not hesitate to comment or to criticise any of my entry. Mostly, I will post my entries in Malay and sometimes in English. Well, right now I am not interested to give my full name here, sorry.

I am specialized in motion graphic design and currently I am taking Chemical Engineering. 3 years of experience about motion graphics and something like that. Overall, I always learn something new when doing a new task.

I am making videos and anything related to motion graphic design. Feel free to contact me through my e-mails. Basically, I always working in producing videos for the events that were held in UTP.

Most of the time I always explore new things about the video production. Softwares that I specialize in are:
  1. Adobe After Effects
  2. Adobe Photoshop
  3. Adobe Illustrator
  4. Sony Vegas
  5. 3Ds Max

Do contact me if you have something interesting to be shared or something to ask me.

p/s : uploading my showreel.

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Things are easier said than done...


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  2. so happy when read dis post...since we gonna have to explore everythings about adobe photoshop..macromedia flash player n making a video clip by our ownselves without d guidance from d lecturer.sincerely i know nothing about dis at all..n finally i've found dis post..soo..encik freezer always boleylah bantu2 ye nanti?

  3. oh..saya mahu belajar buat video menarik itu tetapi saya malas freezer..hehe (xleh sbut namo sini) :p

  4. qaseh mawaddah : insyaAllah, slgi yg trmmpu sy akn tolong..juz shoot ur question at me anytime..iA, sy akn rply...n klau flash tu, bleh tp krg la skit klau maen dgn script2 dy tu..

    nini : bgus!!kte gnakn freezer shja..mlas xdop jln pnylsaian la cik nini...^^

  5., we have to complete the story boards first...insyaALLAH nant akan ade byk persoalan..apepon, syukran..=)

  6. Qaseh Mawaddah : afwan...:)

    buncha : jum33..sama2 kita menimba ilmu..mungkin kamu ada apa yang saya tiada...sama2 berkgsi...:)