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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Freezer Always Showreel

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At last, my showreel done. Do view my showreel for my previous work. I do not want to talk about time taken to render all of this. In case you do not want a heart attack.

By the way,

Have you ever thinking about having not just nice but a very cool video for your company and organizations? Got an event that if a video is published on the event itself, it will be more interesting? Yes, I will get that for you. I am providing services for motion graphics such as corporate video or photomontage. 

Free of charge all I could say. 3 years of experience is not enough for me. I need more and more experience, and you are going to help me with that. I am capable of doing any genre of video that suits for your need in every events. Capturing all sweet moments of your life would be enjoyable for me.

If anything you want to ask me, please, I'm begging you, do not hesitate to do it. Do send me a question. Comment this entry or you can just send your question at Contact Us tab above.

If you have difficulties to watch this video like an error occured, just click on the screen it self, and it will bring you into Youtube homepage. You can watch it there.


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