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Friday, February 18, 2011

A Message by PETRONAS

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Dear PETRONAS Sponsored Students,

In your journey to transform into a wholesome employable graduate, we have in place a few programmes for you.

We would like to help you acquire qualities you need to be employed by us or by other good employers.
How do we do this?

By supporting you to

1)      Have good academic results

2)      Develop qualities Petronas and other employers look for

So what are the qualities that employers look for?

Teamwork - Able to work as a team, cooperates and works well with others
Communication - Good communicator who can express ideas clearly to others
Empathy - Takes an interest in people, demonstrating care and relates well to others
Resilience - Shows stamina, energy and determination in achieving high standards of performance
Adaptability - Adapts quickly to changing conditions and workload
Analytical - Grasp complexity and sees the connection with other problems/issues
Learning Agility - Intellectually curious to learn about a wide range of topics
Integrity - Is ethical, honest and upright when carrying out all activities
Leading self & others - Responsible and accountable for one’s actions

The first step is for you to identify what are the skills, knowledge, attitude you want to improve. If you realize what you want to develop, you are more self aware of what you need to improve.

Then it is up to YOU to take responsibility of your OWN learning throughout your study period. You are at the driver’s seat to become a even more well-rounded person.

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