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Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Lightning Bolt

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The Lightning Usain Bolt

Just finish watching 4x100m Glasgow Commonwealth 2014 featuring Usain Bolt. If before this, the main event of any track event is 100m. But with Usain Bolt running in 4x100m instead of 100m, so 4x100m became the main events. Everyone is waiting for his performance just now.

Just think how much impact can we do if we conquer the sports. Everyone should do what they are good at.

Congratulations Usain Bolt for the joyful performance. 9.58 seconds for 100m, world record.

"They said the lightning does not strike twice, but this does."

-5.18 a.m.-

Tersedar dari tidur dan timbul rasa keinginan untuk update blog. ^_^


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